Bill Parsons

Political Science Chair | Professor

Dr. Parsons specializes in Presidential politics and policy-making, Presidential leadership, application of leadership theory to the public sector, executive branch decision making, administrative decision making, administrative law and regulation in particular water rights and environmental regulation, and water resources administration, policy implementation in water resources management and crime policy, American institutions, state and local politics and community leadership.

In addition to political science courses, Dr. Parsons also teaches global health policy for the Master of Public Health program.

Dr. Parsons is a past president of the Iowa Political Science Association and the SAU Folwell Chair, an endowed chair in Pre-Law and Political Science. Some of his most recent research, conducted with Sociology professor Regina Matheson, involves the motives of women running for state legislative offices

Education and Training

  • PhD, University of Arizona, Political Science

Areas of Professional Interest

  • American Politics
  • Environmental Policy
  • Public Administration
  • Leadership

More About Dr. Parsons

Courses Taught

American Government
Public Administration
Administrative Law and Regulation
Public Policy Analysis
Political and Civil Leadership
Environmental Policy
Campaigns and Elections
Global Health Policy


William Parsons, PhD, Chairperson

Political Science and Leadership Studies
Folwell Center
518 W. Locust St.

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