Donor Testimonials for the McMullen Hall addition and renovation

Our donors support our capital initiatives for a variety of reasons. For some, it is to honor and acknowledge how important and foundational their time at St. Ambrose was, and "pay it forward" in appreciation. For others, it is a vision of what St. Ambrose can be, and the importance of keeping our facilities and offerings relevant to continue to meet the needs of our students and the community. We are pleased to share these testimonials from donors, in their own words, on their decision to invest in St. Ambrose University. 

McMullen Hall Leadership Donors

Alana and Matt Carroll with Sister Joan

Matt and Alana Carroll Are Ready To Step Up For St. Ambrose

Helping to Make McMullen Hall "A Place for Business"

St. Ambrose University has a very special place in the hearts of Alana '05 and Matt '06 Carroll. This is where their relationship began. The Carrolls met during their undergraduate studies and have been together ever since. Alana graduated in 2005 with a BA in Accounting and Matt graduated from in 2006 with a BA in Communications, as well as earning his MBA in 2011.

St. Ambrose played such an important role in their relationship that they chose to have both their wedding and reception on campus. The Carrolls were married on April 19, 2008 in Christ the King Chapel and held their reception at the Rogalski Center.

Alana & Matt have three young children, but have continued to stay very active in the St. Ambrose community. Matt worked for SAU for five years in the Communication Department. Alana serves on the Alumni Association Board and they became President's Club Members in 2009.

In 2017 the Carrolls were inducted into the Bishop McMullen Legacy Circle. They wanted to show how much their alma mater meant to them in a more permanent way, through establishing an endowed scholarship through their estate plan. They wanted to create opportunities for future St. Ambrose students, just as they had been given those experiences and opportunities.

When the McMullen Hall campaign began in 2020, the couple thought it would be a great opportunity to increase their philanthropy to St. Ambrose by making their first major gift. The Carrolls used a couple of ways to increase their gift amount to the McMullen Hall initiative. The first way was using their employer match. Both Alana and Matt were able to use this with the companies for which they work. They also chose the pledge payment plan, by spreading their gift out over a multi-year pledge. The Carrolls were able to maximize the impact of their gifts while finding a payment schedule that fits within their budget.

Alana and Matt want other young alumni to know that using the employer match and the pledge payment plan helps spread out your payments and provides you with the opportunity to increase your gift. This flexibility makes large donations attainable for those that might not be able to do so otherwise.

They both agreed that it was exciting to see the changes and updates for the McMullen Hall and the College of Business. Alana said "it is great that Accounting and Business students will have a place of their own to learn with new technology, up to date classrooms and learning environments".

St. Ambrose is grateful for young alumni and donors like Alana and Matt for their continued generosity to the university and to making McMullen Hall "A Place for Business".

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