Amy Novak with students

Presidential transition begins as Sister Joan Lescinski completes 14-year term on Friday.

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SAU is the only Iowa private university included in the top 30 schools in the Regional Universities-Midwest category of the U.S. News and World Report's 2022 Best Colleges rankings.

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tyler hughes

Current students and alumni of the theatre department involved themselves in theatre any way they could this summer after the pandemic and they truly made the most of every moment of it.

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ron may, cory johnson, kendall mckasson, kim kurtenbach

The SAU Theatre Department has successful alumni and former staff members all over the country. It's especially sweet when they can lend their talents back home in the Quad Cities area.

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drama and comedy mask

This event allows the entire department to gather, celebrate, and discuss the exciting events for the upcoming academic year. Plus, it allows returning students to reunite after a long summer and for newcomers to be welcomed into the department.

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students working puppets

Unlike any other show done before, this show was acted out with shadow puppets that danced along with pre-recorded audio.

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TJ Green

The Lesson revolves around an absurdist plot concerning a timid professor who uses the meaning he assigns to words to establish tyrannical dominance over an eager female student.

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A 2019 graduate, Kendall was extremely valued by the department and had several on stage roles, ample backstage experience, and belonged to the Tech Team and Theatre Appreciation Club.

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Cook had first started theatre when she was around eight years old, with summer acting and holiday shows. She then brought her love of theatre to St. Bede High School, and became an infamous stage rat.

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This actor from Lockport, Illinois, is majoring in Digital Media Productions and minoring in Theatre, and it wouldn't be a surprise to us if she took over the stage.

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