Rhiannon Seneli, PhD, ATC

MSEP Director | Associate Professor

Teaches Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology lab, Motor Learning, and Basic Athletic Training courses. Director for the Master of Science in Exercise Physiology program.

Her research focuses on biomechanics of gait and running, specifically in differences between rearfoot and forefoot running.

She is a certified athletic trainer.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Health Sciences
  • MS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Kinesiology
  • BS, University of Utah, Exercise and Sport Medicine

Professional Memberships

  • National Athletic Trainers Association
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Society of Biomechanics


Seneli, R.M., Joshi, M.N., Bauer, R.L., & Cobb, S.C. (2013, May). Foot motion in individuals with low arches while running barefoot and in a flat sandal. Poster presented at the American College of Sports Medicine 60th Annual Meeting and 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine, May 28-June 1, 2013.

Seneli, R.M., Ebersole, K.T., O'Connor, K.C., & Snyder, A.C. (2013, March). Estimated VO2max from the Rockport Walk Test on a non-motorized curved treadmill. J Strength Cond Res.

Courses Taught

KIN 217 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
KIN 361 Kinesiology
KIN 390L Exercise Physiology Lab
KIN 410/510 Biomechanics
KIN 600 Research Methods
KIN 602 Statistics for Exercise Science

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