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More than anything else, the Alumni Office is here to strengthen your connection to your alma mater long after walking across the graduation stage. This is our mission, in everything we do.
Whether planning events, offering volunteer opportunities, or sharing updates about the state of the university, we are consistently seeking meaningful ways to enhance your relationship with the university.

You see, we are only as strong as our alumni community.

You play an important role in our efforts, too. We can be best at our work if we have current, updated contact information - both your physical address and email, but also details about what you are up to today.

If there's one thing we've learned by traveling the country meeting with alumni, it is this: You are doing remarkable things and making important contributions in your personal and professional lives. We want to celebrate that, promote it, and introduce you to other alumni who may be able to enhance your life.We are proud of you, and of Ambrose. And we look forward to hearing from you and reconnecting with you.

Call us anytime at 563/333-6290 or email

Update Your Information

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Get back in touch

Did you promise to always stay in touch?

Are you looking for a long-lost roommate, classmate, or friend to fulfill that promise?

Are you reaching out to thank a professor that you once cursed for assigning you a 20-page research paper? (It's hard to admit but those experiences are priceless.)

Is there a staff member that once spent time with you talking about your future?

Now that the future is here, we'd love to help you reconnect. Call or email the Alumni Office to help get you started. We don't release phone numbers or addresses to just anyone, but we can make initial contacts on your behalf to get the reconnection started.

Give us a call at 563/333-6290 or email us at We're happy to help you connect.

Jobs and Careers

Professional Development

The Professional Development Center is the best way to satisfy your CEUs, get customized training, and maximize your - or your company's - potential.

BEE Connection

A mentorship program for students and alumni. Click here for more information

Career Center

Search for a job, post a job, submit your resume, and other tools. Check out this 3 minute video on how to improve your resume

Our Staff

Anne Gannaway, Director

Bobby Harris, Administrative Assistant
Kelsey Pence, Coordinator, Event Engagement
Wendy Pondell, Associate Director
Danielle Spengler, Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement


Anne Gannaway, Director

Alumni and Engagement Office
Alumni House
1527 N. Brady St.
Davenport, IA 52803

So, what's next?

Are you ready to take the next step? St. Ambrose offers more than 60 programs and 26 athletic teams and sports to join on campus. Become an Ambrosian today!