First-Year Advising and Registration

New Online Format

Because the health and safety of our university employees, students, and visitors to campus is paramount, First-Year Orientation programs are now in an online format with the same focus on advising and registration as in past years.

If you haven't already, incoming Fall 2020 first-year students must complete our Commit form to begin the Advising and Registration process. 

After we receive your preferences, we will contact you to set up a date and time for a phone or video call with an advisor to select and register for Fall 2020 classes. Additional in-person orientation programs will be held during move-in and Welcome Week in August.

Please know this was a difficult decision for St. Ambrose, and we are committed to providing the support and guidance you deserve through a virtual experience. 

Commit to SAU and select your Advising and Registration Days

Before Your Appointment

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Before meeting with your advisor over the phone or on Webex, we need a little information about you!

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Moving to Campus


Not sure what you need to bring when you move to campus? Residence Life put together this checklist for you!

First-Year Packing Checklist

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Living on Campus?

Submit Your Contract

You'll need to complete the First-Year Housing Contract and submit your deposit.

And, make sure you've checked off the remaining items on our Admitted Student Checklist.

Academics Overview

Learn about Academics at SAU – from credits and General Education requirements to the Honors Program and Learning Communities.

Advising and Registration FAQ

What will happen during my Advising and Registration appointment?

Our primary goal during this appointment is to help you understand SAU's curriculum requirements and – with the assistance of your pre-selected academic advisor – help you choose an appropriate course schedule based on your expected major, general education requirements, and interests.

Will my family be allowed to help me register for classes?

No, because it is in the students' best interest to take ownership of their plan of study and class schedule early in their college career.

This also allows students to begin forming a relationship with faculty members and professional Advising staff before ever stepping into a classroom at SAU!

How will I know what classes to pick?

During your advising appointment, your assigned advisor will help you understand the general education requirements at SAU, as well as the appropriate classes to get started on your major. As far as selecting classes, your academic advisor will gather information from you about your interests and goals and provide direction in deciding which classes to take. Academic advisors are well-prepared to advise students in all areas of study at SAU.

Will I be able to change my schedule after my appointment?

Absolutely! If for any reason you want to change your schedule, you will have access to SAU's online registration system to drop/add classes.

You will also receive contact information for the Academic Advising Office if you need assistance after registration.

Do I have to know what my major is before my appointment?

Absolutely not! If you do, great! If you don't, that's fine too. You will be encouraged to explore SAU's majors during your first year.

You may have an area of study in mind, but you may not be familiar with some of the majors SAU offers. We want you to take time during your freshman year to discover what we offer and determine which program best suits your academic goals.

You won't do this alone; the Freshman Advising Program is designed to provide you with structure and support throughout this process.

Academics FAQ

What are General Education requirements?

The General Education curriculum is required of all students who graduate from SAU, regardless of their major. These requirements will be explained in more detail during your appointment.

For the liberal arts, General Education promotes the knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and commitments needed to lead a life of personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and public service. SAU's General Education curriculum gives you a high degree of freedom and innovation.

Students take General Education courses throughout your college career.

Watch this video to see more about academic requirements and General Education courses.

Do I need to fulfill a foreign language requirement?

Yes! There are two ways to fulfill SAU's foreign language requirement:

1. Complete a minimum of three years of the same foreign language in high school.
2. Take a two-semester sequence in college (for example, Spanish 101 and 102).

If you have completed the requirement and wish to continue your study in Spanish, French or German, you will be required to complete a placement exam prior to orientation. You can indicate your interest at the end of the exam.

Do I have to take English and Math placement exams?

SAU places students into appropriate level English and math courses using their ACT or SAT scores and high school GPA. You will receive your placements in the registration packet you receive in the mail.

Free Class

College in the Time of COVID

SAU is offering a free class, College in the Time of COVID, that will help you navigate your first year in college during a pandemic.

Because we believe it's important to learn this set of skills on how to be successful this year, all First-Year and Transfer students have been automatically registered for this class. To opt out, click here.


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Academic Advising Office

So, what's next?

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