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Our alumni are taking their liberal arts education into the real world and are making a difference in their careers, their communities, and in the lives of countless others.

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Find out how SAU alums have succeeded in their own careers by interacting with them through BeeConnection. Get advice on what you should be doing now to prepare for a career, talk to them about internship and job shadowing opportunities, get tips on interviewing and pertinent job skills, and more. 

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as a Student

As a student of St. Ambrose University, you can be proud knowing our alumni are using their liberal arts education to make a difference in their careers, their communities, and in the lives of countless others. 

Find out how they've done it by interacting through the BeeConnection. Get advice on what you should be doing now. Talk to them about internships and job shadowing. Ask to have your résumé critiqued, and more. 

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  • Greater understanding of a specific field of work
  • Assistance in setting and achieving professional goals
  • Enhanced knowledge of available networks and networking
  • Foster relationships between St. Ambrose alumni/friends and current students to enhance their knowledge of career-related topics and goal setting.
  • To provide a resource to help students build a professional network and conduct a successful job search. 
  • To offer SAU alumni and friends an opportunity to give back to the Ambrosian community. 

BeeConnection is a way for you to ask alumni for career guidance, but it is NOT meant to serve recruiting needs. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Our BeeConnection alumni and friends are volunteers, so please respect their time and availability. If you fail to meet with someone who has volunteered their time for observation or informational interview purposes, it will end your participation in the program.
  • Any inappropriate or unprofessional behavior on the part of an individual or student must be reported to the Career Center immediately and it will end the individual's participation in the program.
  • There are no specific guidelines for meeting. The BeeConnection relationship may include a quick email exchange between a student and alumni, or the volunteer may be willing and able to serve as a career mentor. Always start by asking if the individual has time to answer questions, and be respectful if the individual can't respond immediately. It should be mutually agreed upon between the two parties if their communication continues past the initial email.

Sample Questions:

  • Why did you choose to go into this field?
  • Can you tell me about a typical day?
  • What are the key skills needed to be successful in this field?
  • What type of training/testing is needed to go into this field?
  • Do you have time to critique my résumé?
  • As an upcoming graduate, how would you suggest I go about my job search?

Questions NOT to Ask:

  • Can you get me a job at your company?
  • Can I use you as a reference? 

Contact the Career Center at 563-333-6339 with any questions about the BeeConnection program.

as an Alum

You've graduated from St. Ambrose and are doing wonderful things with your career and life. Consider sharing your stories of success, and your times of challenge and change, with current students at your alma mater through The BeeConnection. Sign up today!

How the BeeConnection Works

  • An alumnus or friend of the university signs up to be put into an online database. 
  • Students can search the database by city, state, vocation, major, metro area, or name to find someone to answer career-related questions.
  • A student may email you career-related questions, such as how you got started in your field, or to get relocation information. They may ask if they can job shadow you, meet for a quick informational interview, request a résumé critique, etc.  
  • It is up to the student and alumni/friend of the university to mutually decide if the connection will continue past the first email. It may be as simple as answering one question, or you may find a common connection and a long-term relationship will form.
  • Please note: by filling out the form the alumnus or friend of the university is NOT guaranteed they will be contacted.

Benefits for Students

  • Greater understanding of a specific field of work.
  • Assistance in setting and achieving professional goals.
  • Enhanced knowledge of networks available and networking.

Benefits for Alumni/Friends of the University

  • Give back to the Ambrosian community.
  • Feel good about helping students or fellow alumni grow and develop.
  • Enhanced coaching skills.
  • Access to future professionals.     
Consensual Relations and Sexual Harassment Policy

Policy Concerning Consensual Relations. In order to foster an environment for learning and to avoid the potential for exploitation, the volunteer career advisor shall not have any dating, romantic or sexual relationship (even if it is deemed to be consensual) with a student.

Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature when such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individual's performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

Prohibited Behavior: Sexual harassment can take a variety of forms ranging from pressure for sexual activity to physical assault. The following types of conduct may constitute sexual harassment if the conduct is pervasive or severe enough to meet the criteria outlined above:

Verbal: Direct or indirect threats of intimation of sexual relations or sexual contact which is not freely or mutually agreeable to both parties; continual or repeated verbal abuses of a sexual nature, including graphic commentaries on the person's body; sexually suggestive objects or pictures that may embarrass or offend the person; sexual innuendoes, insults, jokes, remarks and anecdotes; subtle pressure for sexual activity; direct propositions of a sexual nature; unwelcome and persistent requests; or sexual advances in exchange for a grade.

Nonverbal: Repeated and unwanted inappropriate attention to the body such as whistling or obscene gestures.

Physical: Unnecessary touching, patting, pinching, hugging, brushing against a person's body, coerced sexual intercourse or sexual assault.

The determination of whether an environment is "hostile" must be based on all of the circumstances involved. These circumstances could include the specific conduct at issue, the frequency of the conduct, and its severity.


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