Shane Soboroff, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Soboroff teaches courses in sociology with a focus on processes of stratification.

He conducts research and teaching with a focus on the social psychology of small groups and dynamics of social inequality.

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Education and Training

  • PhD, MA, University of Iowa, Sociology
  • BA, University of Iowa, Sociology, Minor: Religious Studies

When I learn from my students something I had never known before, or to think in a way that is new, I am inspired to continue to grow as a scholar and person. It is very humbling to see how much our students change across their college careers.

Dr. Soboroff, on what inspires him


Current research addresses how identity affects interpersonal influence, how social status alters group members' perceptions of newcomers, the effects of communication media on interpersonal influence, and the relationship between age, race, gender and police interventions.

In 2019, Professor Soboroff redesigned the sociology/criminal justice capstone course to provide a hands-on research experience for majors. He also worked with Dr. Christopher Kelley (United States Air Force Academy) on additions to the leadership curriculum for air force cadets.

Recent Publications

Soboroff, S.D., C.P. Kelley, and M.J. Lovaglia. (2019). Group size, commitment, trust, and mutual awareness in task groups. Sociological Quarterly.

Soboroff, S.D., W.E. Lovekamp, and R.J. Jenkot. (2019). Social status and the effects of legal gun possession on campus cohesion. Journal of Criminal Justice Education.

Lovaglia, M.J., S.D. Soboroff, C.P. Kelley, and J.W. Lucas. (2019). Systematic experimentation on social problems: From basic social science through controlled trials, to scaled interventions. In J. Trevino and A. Marvasti (eds.), Researching social problems, New York: Routledge.

Kelley, C.P., S.D. Soboroff, and M.J. Lovaglia. (2017). The status value of age. Social Science Research, 66: 22-31.

Lovaglia, M J., S.D. Soboroff, C.P. Kelley, C.L. Rogalin, and J.W. Lucas. (2017). The status value of age and gender: Modeling combined effects of diffuse status characteristics. Forthcoming in Advances in Group Processes, Vol. 34.

Lovekamp, W., S.D. Soboroff, and M. Gillespie. (2017). Demonstrating the continuity of research: The design, collection and analysis of student-centered survey data across methods and statistics courses." Teaching Sociology, 45: 65-72.

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Courses Taught

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
SOC/CJ 200 Research Methods
SOC 220 Self and Society
SOC 325 Sex and Gender
WI-SOC/CJ 407 Capstone
MCJ 530 Data and Research in Criminal Justice

Service and Professional Organizations

American Sociological Association
Midwest Sociological Society
St. Ambrose University Institutional Review Board


Shane Soboroff

Sociology and Criminal Justice
Ambrose Hall 308
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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