Human Resources Series

This four-course Human Resources (HR) series aims to bolster the HR professional's strategic competency, assisting them in becoming a more influential business partner.

This certification combines real-world experience, discussion and instruction in a hands-on format that will allow participants to leave with the skills needed to have an immediate impact on their day to day influence and performance.

Material for each course builds upon previous sessions for gradual skill development. All four courses are required to earn the microcredential, but students may also take courses individually.

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Courses begin Fall 2022.

Only Four Courses

Begins Fall 2022!

Courses focus on developing critical competencies in key business areas to become more influential business partners. 

  • Learning a New Language: Business and Financial Acumen for the HR Professional
  • Math vs. Myth: Creating Data-Informed Solutions
  • The 3 Cs: Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting
  • Life in the Fast Lane: Drive and Thrive Through Change

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About This Series


Learning a New Language: Business and Financial Acumen for the HR Professional
September, 8 a.m.-Noon
Understanding business financials can be a challenge for any HR professional, and using financials in decision making can present even bigger challenges. The goal of this program is to de-mystify the relevant business and financial acumen for HR professionals to increase confidence in using financial information. Whether a seasoned HR pro or moving through the HR ranks, this session will help guide participants to becoming strategic partners in their organizations.

Math versus Myth: Creating Data-Informed Solutions
October, 8 a.m.-Noon
The term data-driven decisions has continued to gain traction at organizations across the globe. HR is increasingly called upon to join the data-driven trend as well as be a solution provider to the organization. Therefore, this session will provide participants with tools to develop better solutions to the challenges faced by modern organizations.

The 3 Cs: Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting
November, 8 a.m.-Noon
It's imperative that business leaders have dedicated time to think, debrief, strategize and plan. One of the best ways to do that is to utilize their trusted HR confidante as a sounding board. That safe place can result in pro-active collaboration and action-planning to achieve even better business results.

Life in the Fast Lane: Drive and Thrive Through Change
December, 8 a.m.-Noon
Change is constant, fast, and sometimes furious. History has highlighted the challenges spontaneous and disruptive change can have on organizations. Even in the absence of large-scale or disruptive change, the fact is that HR must deal with change on a daily basis. With increasing calls for organizations to have HR involved in change processes it is imperative for HR professionals to have the tools to help their organization drive and thrive through change.

Skillset Assessment

Learning a New Language: Business and Financial Acumen for the HR Professional

Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop an appreciation for the use of financials in HR
  • Create a deeper understanding of the most important accounting and finance terms, formulas, and statements
  • Develop the ability to recognize, use, and evaluate important financial measures
  • Increase overall financial intelligence to elevate HR as a strategic business partner in any organization

Math vs. Myth: Creating Data-Informed Solutions

Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop the ability to determine appropriate situations to be informed by data
  • Recognize biases that may hinder decision processes and the use of data
  • Determine appropriate sources of data for analysis
  • Develop an understanding of predictive modeling and its relevance to HR
  • Increase confidence in using data to both arrive at solutions and justify decisions

The 3 Cs: Coaching, Collaborating, and Consulting

Learning outcomes include:

  • Listen intensely for what's said and what's not said such that you can summarize and replay for the leader.
  • Develop and refine your list of smart questions to use and collaborative moves to make in 1/1s or in group sessions.
  • Put words into actions, follow-up and follow-through.
  • Identifying and creating strategies to navigate a variety of leadership styles
  • Leveraging traditional HR skills and relationships to overcome obstacles in implementing HR initiatives
  • Develop and maintain strategic relationships to collaborate in pursuit of stronger business results

Life in the Fast Lane: Drive and Thrive Through Change

Learning outcomes include:

  • Develop an understanding of the change process, including the psychological aspects impacting employees
  • Recognize the forces that impede change efforts
  • Understand strategies to solidify changes, including processes and norms (e.g. reward systems, managerial support, etc.)
  • Create processes for identifying change breakdowns and overcoming barriers to change
Cost and Fees

Per Student Cost: $800 

Registration Deadline for first course: August 15

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