Color Guard

Marching with Flag, Rifle, and Saber

The Fighting Bee Color Guard represents the pageantry and elegance of The Pride of the Blue & White. Our guard program marches flag, rifle, and saber.

Our comprehensive guard program weaves together elements of dance, body work, weapons technique, and flag work.

The Fighting Bee Color Guard rehearses twice per week with an additional rehearsal on gameday at Brady Street Stadium. The guard rehearses indoors at the St. Ambrose Athletic Dome, a covered and heated practice complex.

The guard performs at all SAU home football games, local parades, exhibition performances, and special events throughout the Quad Cities area.

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Join Our Inclusive Ensemble

No audition required!

Students with a dance or cheer background, as well as seasoned guard members, are welcome to join the Fighting Bee Band program.

We are an inclusive ensemble that encourages campus-wide participation.

Auditions are not required for Colorguard unless you are part of the weapon line. Auditions occur prior to the start of full band camp week.

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More About Color Guard

Spring Color Guard Tech Class

ALL color guard members receive an automatic annual $1,000 Athletic Band Award. Recipients of this award are required to participate in spring semester Tech Class.

During spring semester, Color Guard meets once per week. During Tech Class, guard members work on basic body movement, dance fundamentals, specific weapons technique, and prepare two exhibition routines.

These routines are performed during at least two specified basketball halftimes. Basketball halftime performances are rotated between the color guard program, drumline, dance team, and cheer squad.


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with honors, University of Northern Iowa
Current Position: Guard Caption Head, SAU Marching Band

Emily's color guard experience began with her membership in the Davenport North High School Color Guard. In her junior and senior year, she was captain.

Emily's passion for color guard is fueled by 18 years of dance experience.

Emily continued pursuing her marching arts passion with the University of Northern Iowa Panther Marching Band. She oversaw the establishment of a competitive winter guard and served as captain of the guard during her junior and senior year.

In 2015, Emily was named Guard Girl of the Year and in 2016 won the Panther Marching Band Outstanding Leadership Award. Also in college, she took two international trips with the marching band, performing in London and Rome.


Emily Doxsie, Color Guard Caption Head

Marching Band
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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