Data Analytics Microcredential

As business moves deeper into the digital age, the need for curious and talented data scientists and analysts grows rapidly.

Learn how to think with data and apply statistical concepts and computing to convert data into solutions and insight. This critical insight is essential to industries and companies that use big data to inform their decisions. Scroll down to What Will I Learn for specific information on the different types of analytics and how they create a competitive advantage when combined with big data. 

This course is designed to be delivered in a customized format, directly to the leaders within your organization. Your leaders will not only learn together, they will immediately apply course concepts to identify and meet a challenge your organization is currently facing through the interactive capstone project.

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  • Customized content immediately impacts your organization
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What Will I Learn?

Upon completing this microcredential you will have the ability to:

  • Apply tabular and graphical methods to summarize, analyze, and visualize data in practical business situations.
  • Compute, examine, and interpret statistical measures.
  • Apply probabilistic and stochastic models to quantify uncertainty.
  • Build and analyze predictive models.
  • Use optimization techniques to identify the best alternatives to minimize or maximize an objective.
  • Use data to arrive at informed conclusions and recommend decisions.
  • Understand bias within data and potential social and ethical impacts of your conclusions and recommendations.

Skillset Assessment

Throughout the course, students will apply methods discussed in class to analyze data on a topic of interest and discuss their understanding of the problem.

A final capstone project will demonstrate the participant's skill in achieving the targeted competencies outlined in the learning objectives.

During the capstone project, participants will collect data on a topic of interest - preferably from their workplace - and apply the methods discussed in class to analyze the data.

The capstone project will assess the overall competency gained by the participant and determine whether the participant has gained an adequate level of skill to qualify for earning this Microcredential.

Cost and Fees

This course is customized to fit the needs of your organization. Cost varies based on customization. 

Course Requirements

The Data Analytics Microcredential covers a basic understanding of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. 

There are no prerequisites for the program.

Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics and basic Excel skills
  • Summarizing and visualizing data in spreadsheets
  • Statistical measures and probability distributions
  • Statistical sampling
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis and forecasting techniques
  • Introduction to data mining
  • Spreadsheet modeling
  • Risk analysis
  • Optimization models
  • Capstone project - ties course concepts into practical application

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