Dale Broder, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Broder teaches evolution and introductory biology courses and includes authentic science and science communication in all of her classes.

Dr. Broder's Personal Research Website

Education and Training

  • PhD, Colorado State University, Ecology
  • BS, University of Georgia, Ecology and German

Seeing my students ask interesting questions, find creative methods to answer those questions, and disseminate their findings.

Dr. Broder, on what inspires her


My research spans the fields of evolution, animal behavior, conservation, fisheries ecology, and science education. I use both field and laboratory approaches, work with multiple study systems including Trinidadian guppies and field crickets, and I collaborate with incredibly talented critical thinkers at all levels including K-12 teachers, undergraduates, agency scientists, graduate students, and faculty.

With my pedagogic research, I work to foster change so that the next cohort of scientists reflects the cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic background of our country.

Recent or Noteworthy Publications

Broder ED, Guilbert KE, Tinghitella RM, Murphy M, Ghalambor CK, Angeloni LM (2019). Authentic science with dissemination increases self-efficacy of middle school students. Integrative and Comparative Biology.

Westrick SE, Broder ED, Reznick DN, Ghalambor CK, Angeloni LM (2019). Rapid evolution and behavioral plasticity in an environment with reduced predation risk. Ethology.

Mensch E, Kronenberger JA, Broder ED, Funk CW, Fitzpatrick SW, and Angeloni LM (2019). A potential role for immigrant reproductive behavior in the outcome of population augmentations. Animal Conservation.

Tinghitella, R.M. and Broder, E.D., Gurule-Small, G.A., Hallagan, C., and Wilson, J.D. (2018). Purring crickets: The evolution of a novel sexual signal. The American Naturalist. [Read the SAU Scene Magazine story on Dr. Broder's research.]

Broder, E.D., Angeloni, L.M., Simmons, S., Warren, S., Knudson, K.D., Ghalambor, C.K. (2018) Authentic science with live organisms can improve evolution education. The American Biology Teacher. 80(2), 116-123.

Kane, E.A., Broder, E.D., Warnock, A.C., Butler, C.M., Judish, A.L., Angeloni, L.M., Ghalambor, C.K. (2018). Small fish, big questions: inquiry kits for teaching evolution. The American Biology Teacher. 80(2) 124-131.

Broder, E.D., Handelsman, C.A., Ghalambor, C.K., and Angeloni, L.M. (2016). Evolution and plasticity in guppies: how genes and environment shape phenotypes. National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.

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Courses Taught

Foundations of Living Systems
Functioning of Living Systems

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