Changing Climates

College of Arts and Sciences Annual Theme

The 13th annual St. Ambrose College of Arts and Sciences theme is Changing Climates: From Rising Seas to Societal Needs.

Planet Earth, and the human societies inhabiting it, represent a constantly-changing set of conditions required for survival and success. The 21st century signifies many climatic changes across the planet, from our struggle with greenhouse gas emissions, to the rise of social media and digital communication, from #MeToo and the golden age of TV to the post-truth world of polarized politics in a presidential election year. 2020 represents a turning point in the century, and an opportunity to reflect on the moments that got us here.

Through a dynamic series of lectures and events, this proposed theme will bring these pivotal issues to center stage at St. Ambrose University, engaging both the campus community and broader public.

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Changing Climates: From Rising Seas to Societal Needs

Project Series Committee

As members of the 2020-21 Project Series Committee, these faculty and staff spent the past year organizing and planning all of the associated events:

Dennis Tarasi, Biology, Coordinator

Dennis Tarasi
Amy Blair
Jessica Greenwald
Kristi Law
Chris Reno
Daniel Rairdin-Hale
Melissa Sharer

2021 Hauber Lecture
Capt. John Eckert

"Public Health Crises of Climate Change" lecture given on Feb 17, 2021.

Fall Events

Sept. 8, 7 p.m.
Braver Angels: Reuniting America Movie and Discussion
As election day approaches, members of the SAU community are invited to learn strategies for de-polarization and bridging divides with others. Learn how to re-connect with fellow citizens, think together, and listen to one another to build a stronger community and nation. For more information, please contact Dr. Dennis Tarasi.

Sept. 16, 7 p.m.
In-person or Webex
Folwell Lecture in Political Science and Pre-Law: A Century of Suffrage: Celebrating the 19th Amendment
Dr. Dianne Bystrom, professor emerita at Iowa State University, will reflect on the 72-year campaign for women's suffrage in the United States that led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, the history and impact of women voters, and the barriers to voting that still exist today. For more information, please contact Dr. Dennis Tarasi.

Sept. 17, 2-3:30 p.m.
Folwell Speaker Virtual Brown Bag Discussion
The Folwell Speaker, Dr. Bystrom, will be joined by Justice Celeste Bremer '74 to continue discussion of voting, elections and society. For more information, please contact Dr. William Parsons.

Oct. 2, 5:30 p.m.
The Environmental Voter: The Path to a Just and Stable Climate
Donald Addu, SE Regional Director, Citizenís Climate Lobby
The environment is the foundation of our economy, institutions and government. Through environmental activism we can address systemic racism, the underpinnings of environmental injustice and global climate change. We will focus on these interrelationships and how everyday citizens can create the change we need for a stable and just planet.

Oct. 2-4
Oct. 2, 7:30 p.m.
Oct. 3, 7:30 p.m.
Oct. 4, 3 p.m.
KALA 88.5 FM
An Enemy of the People
A battle between public health concerns and economic prosperity plays out in the public sphere between concerned citizens and leaders of the local government. Presented by the St. Ambrose University Theatre Department.

Nov. 16, 6:30 p.m.
In-person or Webex
Our Water Resources Community Roundtable sponsored by the City of Davenport, River Action and Iowa American Water
Presented by Partners of Scott County Watersheds (Amy), River Action, and Iowa American Water

Spring Events

Mar. 25, 7 p.m.
Non-violence & the Environment; Ecocide or Sustenance?
Brian Miclot, PhD, will deliver the 2020 Wilber Symposium.

Apr. 7, 4 p.m.
Better Community through Citizenship and Stewardship Roundtable
Sponsored by the City of Davenport

Apr. 20, 7 p.m.
Changing Business Climates: TedTalks and Workshops by the College of Business
Delivered by Allison Ambrose, PhD

History of the Project Series

Past Themes

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Project Series began in 2007-08 with former dean, Dr. Aron Aji.

The vision was to form a commonality between all of the college-sponsored events throughout the academic year. Themes are submitted by faculty each spring, developing out of current events, hot topics, or anniversaries such as Shakespeare's 400th birthday in 2016.

More than a decade later, the CAS Project Series continues to generate and deliver meaningful and thoughtful discussion to the campus community – especially to our students. They've heard directly from philosopher Cornel West, author Stephen Bloom, environmentalist Chad Pregracke, feminist Linda Hirschman, and many other notables and change-makers.

Project Series Timeline

Darwin Project (2008)

Migration (2009)

The Ubiquity of Work: The Labor Project (2010)

China: The Awakening Dragon (2011)

Race Matters (2012)

Sustainability (2013)

Gender (2014)

Justice (2015)

Shakespeare (2016)

Globalization (2017)

Visual Narratives (2018)

War and Peace (2019)

Changing Climates (2020)

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