Welcome Transfer Students

Transfer Advising and Registration sessions will include important information regarding the registration process and connect you with your academic advisor who will help you register for classes.

For admitted students, if you haven't already, the first step to begin your Transfer Advising and Registration process is to complete the Commit form. 

You may also register to attend an optional On Campus Orientation Session this summer. More information available here.

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Transfer Advising and Registration FAQ

What will happen during my Advising and Registration appointment?
Our primary goal is to help you understand SAU's curriculum requirements and, with the assistance of your academic advisor, help you select an appropriate course schedule based on your expected major, general education requirements and interests. You will be assigned an academic advisor who will lead you step-by-step through the decision-making process of selecting courses for the upcoming semester.

Will my family be allowed to help me register for classes?
Students will meet one-on-one with an academic advisor for their appointment. It is in the students' best interest so they can begin to take ownership of their plan of study and class schedule early in their college career. This also allows students to begin forming a relationship with faculty members and professional advising staff before ever stepping into a classroom at SAU!

How will I know what classes to pick?
During your advising appointment, your assigned advisor will help you understand the general education requirements at SAU, as well as the appropriate classes to get started on your major. As far as selecting classes, your academic advisor will gather information from you about your interests and goals and provide direction in deciding which classes to take. Academic advisors are well-prepared to advise students in all areas of study at SAU.

Will I be able to change my schedule after my appointment?
Absolutely! If for any reason you want to change your schedule, you will have access to SAU's online registration system to drop/add classes. You will also receive contact information for the Academic Advising Office if you need assistance after registration.

What are General Education requirements?
The General Education curriculum is required of all students who graduate from SAU, regardless of their major. For the liberal arts, General Education promotes the knowledge, skills, habits of mind, and commitments needed to lead a life of personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and public service. SAU's General Education curriculum gives you a high degree of freedom, innovation, and choice to select courses of interest. Students take General Education courses throughout your college career. These requirements will be explained in more detail during your appointment.

Do I need to fulfill a foreign language requirement?
Yes! There are two ways to fulfill SAU's foreign language requirement:

  1. Complete a minimum of three years of the same foreign language in high school.
  2. Take a two-semester sequence in college (for example, Spanish 101 and 102).

If you have completed the requirement and wish to continue your study in Spanish, French or German, you will be required to complete a placement exam prior to orientation. You can indicate your interest at the end of the exam.

What are course prerequisites?
A course prerequisite is any class you need to complete before taking another course. This ensures you have a solid knowledge and skill base in certain classes prior to registering for them. For example, SPAN 101 First Semester Spanish is the prerequisite for SPAN 102 Second Semester Spanish. Not all courses have prerequisites but your advisor will assist you in identifying which courses do. Additionally, the Course Catalog specifies which courses have prerequisites.

So, what's next?

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