Student Awards Night Spring 2020


Award: Sister Ritamary Bradley
Recipient: Jessica Davis
The Sister Ritamary Bradley Award is an annual prize given by the Women and Gender Studies Department. It recognizes excellence in undergraduate student research and writing on issues of women and gender.

This year's award-winning paper, "Support for Trauma-Sensitive Trigger Warnings," written by Jessica Davis, was chosen via blind review for a number of reasons. According to the committee that chose this paper, not only was the research question relevant, meaningful, and in keeping with our institutional values, the paper as a whole demonstrated an accurate and critically informed understanding of trigger warnings, going so far as to consider its implications in an actual study in our current campus context. The literature review was professional, the choice of instrumentation well-defended, and the paper's utilization of critical disability theory guided the author's treatment and exploration of the subject in an accessible but sound manner.

Award: Spirit of Sodexo
Recipient: Lucas Mathews
The Spirit of Sodexo award is given to a senior student staff member each year that exemplifies a true passion for being the connection of students and food service.

This person has put in a lot of time and hard work to help across campus, whether it be catering large events, being a go to person, or bridging the gap between students and Sodexo. This person must have a good attendance record and show dedication to their position.

Lucas Mathews was chosen for the 2020 Spirit of Sodexo award because he has been a staple to our catering team since the beginning of his time with us. Lucas has been with Sodexo for most of his college career. He has proven to be trustworthy, has a positive attitude, and is an incredible leader. Lucas always takes new staff members under his wing and has recruited some really valuable staff members to our team. Lucas makes work so much fun and we will miss his infectious smile when he graduates and is no longer with us! He is truly one of a kind.

Award: Accessibility Resource Center 2019-20 Service
Recipient: Kaitlin Nathem
The ARC Service Award honors a currently enrolled student who provides exceptional services to a student with a disability or who goes "above and beyond" to help individuals with disabilities.

Kailtyn's passion for serving students with disabilities is as easy to see as the smile on her face. Working with both SAU students who utilize ARC services and the interns for the St. Ambrose Project Search program, she assisted each individual with such respect and self-worth. Kailtyn made a lasting impact on our students and our staff and is sure to be a mover and a shaker in the world of disability services. I am so very proud to present Kaitlyn with the 2020 ARC Service Award.

Award: Accessibility Resource Center 2019-20 Leadership
Recipient: Mykaela Kargle
The ARC Leadership Award recognizes a currently enrolled student who makes a difference for people with disabilities through advocacy, activism or demonstrated leadership.

Mykaela has been a tremendous help with educating the campus community on the differences between service dogs, emotional support animals, and therapy animals. Additionally, Mykaela advocated for the start of the St. Ambrose College Diabetes Network (CDN). The CDN is designed to advocate for students diagnosed with diabetes while educating the campus community on the seriousness of the disabling condition. Mykaela has demonstrated tremendous leadership by helping shape new institutional policies regarding animals on campus. It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to present Mykaela with the 2020 ARC Leadership Award.

Award: Kilfoy Cup
Recipient: Jarius Shannon and Gabrielle Weber
The Kilfoy Cup is awarded to the two students that participated in intramural sports the most throughout the year.

Award: Derrek D. Drexler Employees of the Year
Recipient: Jacob Braun
"Jacob has always been willing to help out in any way that he can. He's very responsive and also was always very good at doing the FS [Facility Supervisor] job, giving 100%."
"Jacob was always really good at helping people cover shifts when they needed to. Also, while at work, he always put in a lot of effort into his job. He was also kind to patrons, willing to help out his coworkers and patrons, and was a very reliable coworker to have on the team. Although these seem like things that we should all be doing, Jacob had a natural kindness and willingness to help others regardless of the task."
"Jacob is willing to take any shift in order to help other co-workers. He even takes shifts that might force him to work many hours of the night just to help others. He is always helpful and aware of what is going on in the building, and always has a friendly face when you walk in."

Award: Ambrosian Spirit
Recipient: Nancy Hines
The SAU chapter of the Phi Eta Sigma honor society selects the Ambrosian Spirit Award recipient. This award honors one faculty member, staff member, or student who exemplifies the spirit and mission of St. Ambrose University.

Phi Eta Sigma presents the 2020 Ambrosian Spirit Award to Nancy Hines. She shows nothing but genuine kindness, compassion, and care for those around her. I speak for all students when I say that Nurse Nancy does all she can to make us feel welcome, safe, and comfortable here at school. She treats everyone with respect; she has a warm, gentleness about her that you can't help but notice upon first meeting her. Throughout the COVID outbreak, Nurse Nancy has been there helping students from a distance. She is an admirable, selfless woman that I myself look up to greatly. Nancy Hines exemplifies all that the Ambrosian Spirit Award stands for. It is for these reasons that we, the executive board members of Phi Eta Sigma, have selected her to receive this honor. Thank you for all that you do for this school - we appreciate you immensely."

Award: Faith Learning Justice Award
Recipients: Jennifer Dickes, Kristina Koos, and Claire McCarthy
Given in recognition of graduating seniors whose leadership and generous service have contributed to campus ministry's mission of building a community of Faith Learning Justice

Jenny Dickes has served as a Peer Campus Minister for 3 years. During that time she started and led small faith sharing groups including one this semester on CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters. She started the popular Pizza with Padre in the residence halls, served on retreat teams, and participated in the service trip to Mississippi to help with home repair. After graduation Jenny plans to go to graduate school at the University of Iowa to prepare for a career as a Physician Assistant.

Kristina Koos has served as a Peer Campus Minister for 2 years. She helped facilitate a popular women's group called Tea with Mama T that shared reflections on the writings of Mother Teresa, served on the Bee Connected New Student and Antioch Retreat teams, sang in our music ministry choir, and served often as a lector and eucharistic minister during Sunday Mass. Kristina is graduating with an Elementary Education degree.

Claire McCarthy has served as a Peer Campus Minister for 2 years. Claire has limitless energy and has shared her faith and gift of hospitality as a member of multiple retreat teams including the Bee Connected New Student Retreats, Confirmation Retreats and Antioch, serving as a co-leader just this spring. She helped start new traditions in campus ministry including the Charlie Brown Christmas Party, the Mardi Gras celebration, and the Day of the Dead Spanish Mass. She also serves as a lector and eucharistic minister on Wednesdays and Sundays. She is graduating with a degree in Psychology and plans to pursue her Master's in Social Work.

Award: Frank and Dorothy "Jane" Folwell Outstanding International Studies Student
Recipient: Hugh Lugg
Hugh Lugg has been exposed to a broad range of international politics courses at St. Ambrose, and he is very knowledgeable with the IR literature. Throughout his undergraduate program in IS, Hugh has shown an ongoing interest in global affairs particularly East Asia. His growing interest in world affairs led him to join the World Affairs Council of the QC as an intern, and he even took a semester-long study abroad program in South Korea. Hugh is extremely personable, has high integrity, is very diligent in whatever task he sets for himself.

Hugh is a conscientious student whose thoughtfulness and curiosity are palpable in the classroom. His coursework exhibits the fruits of his attentiveness and concern to deepen his knowledge of politics and the common good at which it aims. It's always a pleasure to work with Hugh and we have no doubt that his diligence and generosity will be a blessing to himself and others in the years to come. We are very pleased to announce that this year's Outstanding International Studies Student Award goes to Hugh Lugg.

Award: Frank and Dorothy "Jane" Folwell Outstanding Political Science Student
Recipient: Sara Killackey
Sara Killackey's dedication to learning and service is evident in everything she does in and outside of the classroom. Her enthusiasm and good cheer enhance the quality of class discussion for all involved. Sara is perhaps most conspicuous for the humility with which she listens not only to the instructor but also to her peers and seeks to improve her already outstanding comprehension of ideas by considering the insights of others. Her coursework is consistently at the highest level, masterfully exploring complex questions with a clarity of thought and expression rare even in professional authors. These strengths are particularly notable in her capstone research work, where she is laying the groundwork for a profound analysis of the statesmanship of Thomas More. Her work in assisting Dr. William Parsons and Dr. Regina Matheson was rewarded as a co-author and co-presenter of their research at a major academic conference.

In addition, Sara has been an icon of SAU Model United Nations Society. With invaluable input from Sara, our team has always had great success at the national Model UN conferences. Because of her research methods skills and familiarity with the scholarly literature on the broader body of political science as well as her numerous co-curricular activities, volunteer and internship experiences on and off campus, Sara definitely deserves this year's Frank and Dorothy "Jane" Folwell Outstanding Political Science Award.

Award: Certificate of Achievement in Mock Trial
Sponsored by the Frank and Dorothy "Jane" Folwell Endowment in Political Science and Pre-law
Recipients: Faith McCubbin, Alyssa Kochuyt, Ashley Schuttloffel, Lane Wiklund, Lucas Buckrop, Michael Schmidt, and Victoria Thorne

Over the past two years our mock trial team lost most of its experience due to graduation resulting in the need to fill our team positions with incoming freshmen students. These seven freshmen stepped up, learned, and led with no experience in college level mock trial competitions. Their commitment to mock trial and support of one another is commendable. These freshmen have built a strong foundation for mock trial to build on in the upcoming years. We are pleased to recognize all they have achieved in so brief a time as valued members of the St. Ambrose University Mock Trial Team.

Award: Peace Corps Prep Certification
Recipient: Cassandra Ruppert
The Peace Corps Prep Program is a streamlined certificate program that prepares our students for intercultural service abroad and that recognizes their leadership and commitment to service for others.

Award: College Reading & Learning Association Level 1 Tutoring Certification
Recipients: Isabella Cernetich, Clayton Colborn, Julia Hanacek, Kaley Hennessy, Morgan Miller, and Chris Sulich

We're proud of all of our tutors but we want to recognize those who have met the qualifications by both training and experience hours to qualify for CRLA certification. Our tutor training program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program.

Award: College Reading & Learning Association Level 2 Tutoring Certification
Recipients: Alexandra Axup, Carrington Curphy, Sara Kovach, Mia Pranckus, Rachel Wiedman, and Sara Willman

We're proud of all of our tutors, but we want to recognize those who have met the qualifications by both training and experience hours to qualify for CRLA certification. Our tutor training program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program.

We're especially proud of these students who went above and beyond, especially with the challenges of the second semester.

Award: Thomas F. Chouteau Art History Award
Recipient: Kassidy Eagleson
Kassidy is an exemplary student who always goes above and beyond course requirements. A major in Art History with a minor in Museum Studies, she's also been accepted into the integrated BA/MA degree program between SAU and the WIU-QC graduate program in Museum Studies. She'll graduate from SAU in December 2020 and continue with graduate coursework starting in Spring 2021.

Award: Museum Studies Award
Recipient: Jeremy Smock
Recognizing excellence in the field for an upper-level Museum Studies student
Jeremy is an English major with minors in Museum Studies, Art History, and Theatre. As his mixture of disciplines suggests, Jeremy is an over-achiever with an excellent work ethic, and he's pursued multiple internships that support his interest and coursework in Museum Studies.

Award: John W. Schmits Excellence Award in Art
Recipient: Murphy Garcia
An art or design student who shows notable talent as an emerging artist and a representative of the Art Department
Murphy Garcia is the student that every instructor wants when they teach: Thoughtful, willing to screw up, eager to learn what one offers, seeking out independent information, and committed to a result that utilizes all of these skills. Murphy is the person you want in a studio when you can't be there, because she will help anyone who needs it, while still achieving her goals. She is adept with ancient technical skills and processes that have only just come out. Better yet, she uses them for the purpose of exploring creative communication.

Award: Graphic Design Award
Recipient: Deone Danzy
A student who shows remarkable skill in graphic design.
Deone Danzy is an amazing motivator for his peers and graphic design in general. He acts as a willing organizer, promoter, and support system for any who need it. His depth of skill in design is only outshined by his ego, which he's fairly proud of. That being said he is eager, willing to listen and adapt, honing his talents and making design that is more than a simple message.

Award: Eleanor Page Fox Painting Award
Recipient: Megan Peterson
A student who shows remarkable skill in painting
Megan Peterson is simply outstanding. While perfectly capable of rendering beautiful, realistic imagery with whatever is available, Megan is equally skilled at decongesting a canvas, exploring subtle compositional shifts, and paying close attention to where color goes, why it goes there, and who it goes with. She has an amazing future as a painter and an artist of a high degree.

Award: Outstanding Theater Major
Recipient: Jessica Karolczak
Graduating Theatre major with the highest GPA

Award: Resident Advisor of the Year
Recipient: Karina Marquez
Officially named the Chris Hickenbottom Resident Advisor of the Year Award, this honor is given to one Resident Advisor as nominated by the SAU campus for their outstanding work in all aspects of Residence Life.

Karina has continuously made an effort to not only involve her residents in her programs, but she has also made an effort to befriend and check-in with just about every one of her residents. Her passion for making sure her residents are okay is admirable. Her latest board, which unfortunately not many got to see, was dedicated entirely to volunteer work, which is impressive. I admire her and think that she has gone above and beyond this past year.

Award: Elevated Role of the Year
Recipient: Andrew Rucker
Given to a student staff member working in an Elevated Role – our Assistant Hall Directors and Student Hall Managers – who has gone above and beyond in their leadership role within Residence Life. Nominated by the SAU campus.

Andrew constantly impresses me with his ability to connect the importance of minuscule actions in everyday life, having massive impacts on a grander scale. During our RA trainings that we've had this year, he helped impress upon his peers the importance of their impact and how this contributes to their efficacy. Rucker is sincere and dedicated in any task that he is assigned and doesn't know the meaning of "good enough." His sincerity and desire to find the best outcome possible, allows him to provide unique options to help residents resolve issues.

Award: Resident Student of the Year
Recipient: Jess Mendenhall
This award recognizes a resident student who was nominated by the SAU campus as a stand-out member of our campus community.

Jess has been, undoubtedly, the best PCM and resident I could ask her. Regardless of creed, Jess has been welcoming and added to the Davis community. She is an astounding student, has led various (non-required) programs, and almost single-handedly re-organized and cleaned the Davis Community Closet so it is more accessible.

Award: Residence Life Program of the Year
Recipient: Freshman Mingle, organized by Jake Kleiner, Connor Purvis, and Matt Thole
Given to highlight an incredible program or event organized by members of the Residence Life Staff. Nominated by the SAU campus

Freshman Mingle (must be sung in Matt Thole's key) was a hit. I remember seeing hundreds of Freshmen lining up to attend and my residents said it was a hit. DEFINITELY have to do this again next year! Not only was it a good bonding experience for Freshmen, but it really boosted the morale of campus that day: a nice and controlled hang out on the lawn. That's what college is all about!

These endowed awards are given each year to students majoring in music who are making outstanding contributions to the ensembles and the department, while also excelling academically. Please join us in celebrating their wonderful accomplishments!

Award: Dr. Charles & Joyce DCamp Scholarship
Recipient: Michael Campbell

Award: Edith Yutt Scholarship
Recipient: Allison Hutson

Award: Agnes Rose Malik
Recipient: Erin Robertson

Award: Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Recipient: Colin Evers
Men's Golf, 3.924, Music & Math Major

Colin Evers is a fine young man and as his golf coach I am very proud of his accomplishments during his four years at St. Ambrose. Colin received a varsity letter for men's golf all four years and was an important member of our team. He was named his sophomore junior and senior year to the Chicagoland Collegiate Athletic Association All Scholar Team as well as also receiving the Daktronics - NAIA Scholar Athlete Award three times. He is very deserving of being named this year's Male Athlete of the Year!

Award: Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year
Recipient: Erin Green
Women's Lacrosse, 3.972, OTD
Erin is an amazing young lady and role model. As a Grad student she was a leader in so many ways to her teammates, through her hard work, dedication and just being there if they needed her. She leads by example weather it be in the classroom, on the field or in life, which always raised everyone else up in what they were doing. I cannot think of a more deserving person for this honor then Erin Green, congratulations

Award: Agnes Renner Award for Most Outstanding Senior
Recipient: Sara Killackey
Sara has been a standout student since her arrival on campus. She has always been interested and generous with her time in public service at various levels, whether in participating in the Honors Program, student government, and even interning and working at the highest levels of Federal Government with Senator Duckworth's office. She is a hard worker and deeply interested in the interconnections between her History and Political Science Majors. She has excelled in all classes she has taken and she wrote a fantastic thesis paper in History that had additional components as an Honors thesis and it showcased her many talents in researching and writing about History.

Award: George McDaniel Scholars
Recipient: Megan Grady and Rachel Wiedman
Recognizing outstanding junior students

Megan has earned excellent grades in all of her classes and is a standout student in the History Education program with an additional minor in Theology. She thoughtfully contributes to classes and provides a great example of leadership in group settings and in her individual work. She is active with the SAU Cross Country and Track and Field teams, earning all-academic honors as well as finding success running at the National meet in multiple years. She has developed a great record of scholastic achievement so far and she has a very bright future in front of her.

Rachel entered SAU as a part of the Honors Program and has cultivated very wide interests ever since. She has maintained a perfect grade point average while taking classes across her three different majors, with Philosophy and Psychology being added on to her History Major and a Classical Studies minor. She has participated in the SAU summer research institute and has had papers accepted for undergraduate research conferences here at SAU as well as Johns Hopkins University. She has done all of this in addition to her very active membership in SAU Band programs.

Award: Olive C. Farr Scholarship Award from the Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation
Recipients: Emma Peeler, Cody Birely, Erin Dunn

The Iowa Physical Therapy Foundation established an annual $500.00 physical therapist student scholarship in 1983. An annual $250.00 physical therapist assistant student scholarship was established by the IPTF in 1995 which was initially funded by a contribution from physical therapists Steven and Susan Bell. In 2010 the IPTF increased these awards so that each year four physical therapist student scholarships and one physical therapist assistant student scholarship are awarded. The scholarships are made possible by a bequest to the Foundation from Olive C. Farr, PT, the first director of the physical therapy education program at the University of Iowa.

The scholarships are awarded to student members of the American Physical Therapy Association enrolled in accredited Iowa PT/PTA education programs who have concluded the first year of their accredited entry-level Iowa program. Award of the scholarships is based on demonstrated scholarship, potential for professional contributions and leadership qualities.

Emma Peeler: Emma Peeler is a member of the St. Ambrose University DPT Class of 2020. She has previously received a B.S. in Exercise Science and a B.A. in Psychology also from St. Ambrose University. Since starting in the DPT program, Emma has taken on the roles of President of Graduate Student Government Association and PT Clinical Coordinator of the SAU Interprofessional Health Clinic Board, a group of students who organize a free student-led clinic that provides PT, OT, speech and language pathology, and social work services to underserved members of the community. She has also taken advantage of the opportunity to run strength and conditioning sessions for a collegiate varsity cheer team and taught high school dance athletes about the concept of sport specific training at regional conventions in Des Moines, Iowa and Houston, Texas. Emma is looking forward to a successful career as a physical therapist in pediatrics or orthopedics and hopes to be involved with treating dance and cheer athletes wherever her careers takes her.

Cody Birely: Cody is a second year DPT student at St. Ambrose University in Davenport, IA. He will be finishing the didactic portion of his program in May and begin long-term rotations through December. After graduation in December, he plans on enrolling in a residency program, either in neurologic or orthopaedic physical therapy. Ideally, he would love to be in an outpatient setting where he can work with patients in the neurologic and orthopaedic populations. Outside of PT school, he greatly enjoys doing volunteer work, running, biking, camping, hiking mountains, hanging out with family and friends, eating lots of Whitey's Ice Cream, playing the pipe organ at church, and spoiling his chocolate lab puppy.

Erin Dunn: Erin Dunn is a second-year physical therapy student at St. Ambrose University. She has been interested in the field of physical therapy since she was in middle school. After going through physical therapy many times growing up, she grew to understand how rewarding of a career it is and decided that was where her passion was. She is actively involved in the St. Ambrose Student Physical Therapy Organization (SPTO) which allows her to participate in many service activities and give back to her community. She serves as a graduate assistant for the physical therapy department where she enjoys mentoring her peers, assisting with research projects, and helping organize weekly lab sessions. Outside of physical therapy school, she enjoys running, roller blading, and hanging out with friends. She is currently preparing to begin her long-term clinical experiences and she looks forward to getting more hands on experience. After graduation, she plans to gain clinical experience working in an outpatient orthopaedics clinic, while working towards a specialization in orthopaedics

Award: Stan J. Kabat Leadership Award
Recipient: Leonard Jones
The Stanley J. Kabat Leadership Award recognizes the student who best exemplifies Stan's qualities of leadership, citizenship, and commitment to excellence. It recognizes the qualities all good role models and leaders possess: a life that is an inspiration and example to others. Stan willingly helped students in need, and this award continues that tradition by encouraging and recognizing student leaders who exhibit the most positive, generous characteristics of leadership.

Throughout this year, Lenny has worked incredibly hard to serve both his residents as well as the students in BSU. Lenny has worked with a tough floor and has been able to garner and maintain the respect of his residents throughout the year. Lenny has also given a lot of his time and effort into growing BSU as a club and ensuring that Black Faculty, Staff, and Students' voices are heard across campus.

Award: Wilber Award for Student Research in Non-violence
Recipient: Rachel Wiedman
Wilber Award for Student Research in Non-violence
Rachel wrote an outstanding essay using non-violent means to resolve tensions between Israel and the Palestinian people

Award: Sister Annette Walters Award for Outstanding Senior Psychology Student
Recipient: Taylor Cavanaugh
Award goes to a senior psychology major who displays not only excellence in academic performance but also contributions outside the classroom including research.

Taylor is a psychology major, with minors in sociology and biology, who has excelled academically and served in a leadership role as Vice President of Psychology Club. As part of an internship class, Taylor completed a research project evaluating ways to improve feelings of self-worth in older adults at Jane's Place, which provides adult day services. Taylor has been accepted through early admissions into SAU's Occupational Therapy Program. She hopes to incorporate her training in psychology into clinical practice as an occupational therapist.

Award: Excellence in Psychology Service Award
Recipient: Hope Markin
This award goes to a senior psychology major who displays both with excellence in academic performance and involvement in psychology related service.

Hope is a psychology major who has shown excellent academic performance and service outside the classroom. As part of the Field Experience Internship course, Hope worked with adolescents at a junior high developing lesson plans for small group learning. Hope has also volunteered with the Special Olympics. Planning to pursue a career in Speech Language Pathology, Hope identifies experiences of working with diverse populations as influential for future clinical interactions with patients.

Award: Graduate Student of the Year
Recipient: Elizabeth Braun and Erin Green
Elizabeth Braun is Occupational Therapy student who has maintained high academic standings while being dedicated to service activities outside of the classroom. Just a few of her notable accomplishments include being elected by her peers to represent SAU at the Assembly of Delegates for American Occupational Therapy Association, being inducted into Phi Theta Epsilon Honor Society, and being invited to be an invaluable student member of the Institute of Patient-Center Care committee. Her professors describe her as a student who "goes the extra mile" in everything she does and reiterate her dedication to advocacy for social justice. Graduate Student Government Association is delighted to offer her this scholarship to assist her in journey to become an Occupational Therapist.

Erin Green is an impressive student who strives to enrich the lives of others in everything she does. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from St. Ambrose University in an impressive three years. Erin is now an Occupational Therapy student who has been inducted into Phi Epsilon Honor Society for her continued academic success. She has shown incredible leadership during her work as a Student Hall Assistant for Residence Life and as a Team Captain on the St. Ambrose Lacrosse Team. Her lacrosse coach describes her as a strong leader who takes on new situations with "maturity, focus, and determination." Erin's professor says she represents the department in a positive way. We are proud assist Erin in her continued academic success with a Scholarship from Graduate Student Government Association.

Award: Graduate Faculty of the Year
Recipient: Dr. Katherine Lampe
Dr. Katherine Lampe of the Physical Therapy Department is loved by her students. She is described as mother to all who are in or have been in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Her students state that they benefit from the passion she brings to her classes. She utilizes examples of real situations to challenge students in the classroom to successfully prepare them for their lives as clinicians. Kathie is always willing to help her students however she can, whether that be providing them with information to further their knowledge or emotional support and dark chocolate M&Ms. During these difficulty times, Kathie reached out to the students who had been misplaced from their clinicals with support and sincere concern that shows how much she cares for her students. Graduate Student Government Association is proud to award Dr. Katherine Lampe the Professor of the Year award.

Award: Most Dedicated to the Study of Criminal Justice
Recipient: Brooke Lodge
This award is presented to the criminal justice graduate student who has made contributions to the field of Criminal Justice outside the classroom, demonstrates potential for a leadership position in Criminal Justice or a related field, and has been involved in research at the graduate level.

Brooke served as a graduate assistant working directly with faculty on research or special projects. Brooke demonstrated an understanding and a passion for working in corrections. She completed a year long internship with the Seventh Judicial District Department of Correctional Services in Iowa and her onsite supervisors spoke very highly of her.

Award: Outstanding Senior in Criminal Justice
Recipient: Adam Sigwarth
This award is presented to the undergraduate student in criminal justice who has made contributions to the field of Criminal Justice outside the classroom, demonstrates potential for graduate study in Criminal Justice or a related field, and has been involved in research at the undergraduate level.

Adam was an active student in the classroom and demonstrated understanding of and passion for the field of criminal justice. He shows promise in contributing to the field of criminal justice.

Award: Outstanding Student in Sociology
Recipient: Isabel Watts
This award is presented to the undergraduate student in sociology who has made contributions to the field of sociology outside the classroom, demonstrates potential for graduate study in sociology or a related field, and has been involved in research at the undergraduate level.

Isabel has impressed us with her academic abilities and interests, and shows promise in contributing to the discipline of Sociology.


Awards not given this year:

Book Arts Award
Outstanding Senior Student Worker of the Year
Outstanding Archives Assistant
Outstanding Production Assistant
Outstanding Faculty, Staff Member, & Parent of the Year
Kokjohn Foundation Grant for Peace & Justice
Triota Honor Society

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