Equity Grievance Panel for Title IX

The Equity Grievance Panel (EGP) includes:

• A chair from Human Resources for grievances involving employee responding parties
• One Administrative Hearing Officer who is an ex officio member and serves as Chair of grievance panel hearings for grievances involving student responding parties [Dean of Students or designee]
• At least 4 members of the staff
• At least 4 members of the faculty
• At least one representative from Athletics

2019-21 Members

Human Resource Chair
Audrey Blair, Director, Human Resources, 563-333-6191


Sara Fredricksen, Generalist, Human Resources, 563-333-6365

Administrative Hearing Officer
Christopher Waugh, Dean of Students, 563-333-6258
or designated alternate

Athletic Representative
Brian Thiessen, Sports Information Director, Athletics, 563-333-6227

Faculty Members
Brett Billman, Communications, 563-333-6137
Grant Tietjen, Sociology and Criminal Justice, 563-333-6195
Mary Heinzman, Information Resources, 563-333-6227
Keri Manning, History, 563-333-6106

Staff Members
Karen Eden, Graduate Admissions, 563-333-6308
Carrie Meador-Bliss, Physical Therapy, 563-333-6401
Brian Thiessen, Athletics, 563-333-6227
David Baker, SAU Communications Center, 563-333-6219

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