Message from the Dean


Greetings from the Office of Graduate Studies. This newsletter will hopefully be the start of pretty regular communication from the Office of Graduate Studies. My hope is the newsletter can be a tool for Ambrosians to learn more about activities in graduate education, highlight our successes, and continue to enhance our graduate culture at St. Ambrose University.

It will have information relevant to faculty, staff, and students from throughout the whole university, not just those in graduate programs. You will also read about our programs and their events; receive updates from Graduate Admissions; and learn about the activities of our Graduate Student Government Association.

Being new to the Dean position, I have been meeting with Karen Eden, Manager of Graduate Admissions, as well as with the leaders and faculty of all our graduate programs over the last few months. While I always knew we had wonderful faculty, students, and programs at the graduate level, I learned so much through this process!

Historically, we talk about a lot about individual graduate programs and less about the themes and values that cross all our graduate programs. However, I left these meetings with a strong reaffirmation that our graduate programs are fulfilling the mission and vision of our university in so many ways, including:

  • Our graduate programs stress critical thinking, communication, critical inquiry skills, creativity in solving programs, and leadership development.
  • We are applying the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the skills set of the liberal arts to graduate education.
  • Our graduates are benefitting from a student-centered education focused on preparing them for professional practice and further intellectual growth.

We should be very proud of our graduate programs, faculty, and students and celebrate their contributions to the mission of St. Ambrose University.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and input about information and ideas for future publications.

-Mike Puthoff, PT, PhD, GCS
Dean of Graduate Studies

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