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Members of the St. Ambrose University 2018 spring graduating class include 456 undergraduates and 158 master's and doctoral students. They come from 21 states and six foreign countries and each has a tremendous and highly individual story about their educational journey.

Yet, if you listen to the words they use to describe their Ambrosian experience, you'll discover common themes: community, service, discovery, opportunity, support, leadership and dreams fulfilled. 

Our graduating class includes students who said they've learned to transform uncomfortable situations into opportunities; the value of immersing into a new culture and service; the deep impact of support, community and family; how to embrace leadership and use power to honor differences; to set goals and persevere; and how their Ambrosian education is allowing them to meet, and exceed, their professional goals. 

We've shared their stories below. Congratulations to all of our Spring 2018 graduates. 

Grad Stories '18: A 9,100-Mile, Lifelong Connection With SAU

Grad Stories '18: Keep Moving Forward And Don't Look Back

Grad Stories '18: 'Like' Is An Understatement

Grad Stories '18: From Patient to Nurse In Five Years

Grad Stories '18: Graduating Classmates From Three Iowa Communities

Grad Stories '18: Net Gains for a Busy Ambrosian

Grad Stories '18: Bigger Isn't Always Better

Grad Stories '18: A Born Leader

Grad Stories '18: Making Goals in Soccer and Classwork

Grad Stories '18: Ready to Jump, Again

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Engineering | News
two students giving presentation

As part of the SAU Undergraduate Summer Research Institute, junior Perla Hernandez conducted a parametric study of the thermochemical gasification of biomass.

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two students in hydrology lab

Seniors Andrea Bonetto, Ethan Zeller, Sheiny Tjia-Fleck, and Andrew Huffman constructed an experimental flow apparatus with a fluctuating water level, which they programmed to be controlled by an Arduino.

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Engineering | News
supernova from NASA Flickr

Three St. Ambrose students worked with Dr. Robert Mitchell to calculate the distances to exploding stars - supernovae - in other galaxies using Expanding Photosphere Method (EPM), thereby determining the distances to the galaxies themselves.

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