Faculty Honor Roll: Fall 2019


This Honor Roll covers achievements by SAU Faculty during the Fall 2019 semester (generally June through December 2019). Achievements are self-submitted and in alpha-order.

Neil Aschliman, PhD, (Biology) wrote a textbook, "Essential Biodiversity 1.0" (2019), with the Open Educational Resource.

Dale Broder, PhD, (Biology) wrote two papers, presented a symposium, and co-authored a poster presentation:

  • (Poster): Wikle AW, Gallagher J, Tinghitella RM, Broder ED (2019). A novel vibrational signal in a field cricket. Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. Poster presentation. Genesis Poster Competition, honorable mention. (With then-senior Biology student Aaron Wikle [May 2019 graduate])
  • (Primary Author): Broder ED, Guilbert KE, Tinghitella RM, Murphy M, Ghalambor CK, Angeloni LM. (2019). Authentic science with dissemination increases self-efficacy of middle school students. Integrative and Comparative Biology.
  • Murphy SM, Vidal MC, Hallagan CJ, Broder ED, Barnes EE, Horna Lowell ES, and Wilson JD. (2019). Does this title Bug (Hemiptera) you? How to write a title that increases your citations. Ecological Entomology.
  • (Symposium) Broder ED and Tinghitella RM (2019). What can a novel song teach us about how new signals evolve? Animal Behavior Society Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL. Symposium presentation.

Matthew Coomber, PhD, (Theology) wrote a chapter, Those at Ease Have Contempt for Misfortune: Biblical Approaches to Challenging Anti-Poor Sentiment, in "Imagined Worlds and Constructed Differences in the Hebrew Bible." The book was published in August by Bloomsbury.

Nicholas Enz, DMA, (Music) served as an invited guest conductor of the Julien Winds of Dubuque, Iowa, on a concert, Evocations, on November 17.

During an Effective Learning Strategies interactive poster session at the American Accounting Association's annual meeting in San Francisco in August, Janene Finley, PhD, (Accounting) presented "Utilizing VITA Program Materials in a Tax Course." (Students in Dr. Finley's Accounting Seminar class prepare tax returns through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for persons with low to moderate income.)

L. Joseph Hebert, PhD, (Political Science) published his essay, "Natural Law and the Rights of Conscience," in Starting Points on October 7. He also presented a paper, "A Mouse in the House: Philosophy and Kingship in Thomas More's Epigrams," at the Society of Catholic Social Scientists National Meeting-Conference, in Steubenville, OH, on October 26.

Librarians Stella Herzig and Elizabeth Kunze presented at the October joint conference of the Iowa Library Association & Nebraska Library Association in Omaha on Oct. 3. Their presentation was "If You Visualize It, They Will Come: Raw Data Reimagined with Infographics." Their presentation was aimed at introducing students to infographics, a method of drawing and presenting conclusions in an easily digested format.

Micah D. Kiel, PhD, (Theology) published the book "Reading the Bible in the Age of Francis" with Wipf and Stock publishers.

Research by Jeffrey Knox, PhD, and David Krupke, MA, (Master of Speech-Language Pathology) was published by Sage Advance on the professional development attendees' perception of previous professional development opportunities/preferences for follow-up activities. They also presented a paper in Panama City, Panama, at the 7th International Engineering, Sciences and Technology Conference (IESTEC), "An educational robotic assistant for supporting therapy sessions of children with communication disorders."

Krupke also was recognized in June for earning his seventh Award for Continuing Education (ACE), which means he completed 7 CEUs (equivalent to 70 professional development hours) within three years.

Kristi Law, PhD, (Social Work) wrote the article "Faculty and Staff Perceptions of Undergraduate Mentoring" in the August edition of Mentoring and Tutoring: Partnership in Learning Journal. And in July, Dr. Law delivered a presentation at the 9th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health in York, England, on "Views from community health center staff in a mid-western state in the United States on team-based care and the role of social workers."

At the annual meeting in November for the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Richard A. Lynch, PhD, (Philosophy) hosted an Author Meet and Greet session for his book, "Foucault's Critical Ethics."

At the October Legal Forum of the American Council of Engineering Companies with around 120 people attending, Henry Marquard, JD, (Political Science) presented "Corruption and International Sanctions Affecting the Engineering and Construction industry." He focused on discussing international and US sanctions against Russia and Iran as they affect international business. "As part of the discussion," Marquard wrote, "I discussed corruption issues focusing on dealing with Russian companies and business in Eastern Europe."

In October at the Academic of Financial Services conference in Minneapolis, Imtiaz Mazumder, PhD, (Finance) presented his paper, "Day-of-the-Week Effects in Virtual Currency Markets: Evidence from Bitcoin." Also in October, Dr. Imtiaz was a program committee member for the Financial Management Association (FMA) conference.

Members of the Occupational Therapy Department made the following academic contributions this past fall:

  • Erin Phillips, OTD, Lynn Kilburg, DHSc, Anne Lansing, OTD, and Angie McCombs, OTD, completed a chapter in "Ways of Living (5th Edition), Environmental Modifications: Foundations of Daily Living and Healthy Living Across the Lifespan." It highlights the University's assistive technology house, Jim's Place. St. Ambrose University offers national and international access to Jim's Place through a website and online virtual tours. These resources are available for consumers and caregivers across the world and are highlighted throughout this chapter.
  • Dr. Phillips and students Megan Kirky, Kelsey Traetow, and Effie Tounas completed a research project that was presented at the American Occupational Therapy national conference in New Orleans this past spring. As a result, they created a webinar and broadcast it in November for the Canadian Occupational Therapy Association. (They also collaborated with an OT colleague from Cleveland State, Dr. Beth Ekelman, who is working on similar research and added to the comprehensive nature of the overall content.)
  • In October, Dr. Phillips and Cheryl True, MD, from the SAU Institute for Person-Centered Care attended the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) Conference to establish an occupational therapy interest group within ACLM.

In the Journal of Business Research, Jennifer Palar, PhD, (Management) co-wrote an article, "New director selection during growth in family-influenced and lone founder firms: An identity fit perspective."

"The College of Business named Arun Pillutla, PhD, (Finance) as its Associate Dean.

At the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego in November, Lisa Powell, PhD, (Theology) presented her paper, "The Exhibition of Humans, the Construction of Whiteness, and the Theological Sideshow."

Michael Puthoff, PhD, (Physical Therapy) wrote an article for the July issue of the Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, "Participants' Perceptions and the Implementation of a Physical Fitness Screen for Aging Adults."

Librarian Leslie Ross, MOL, wrote the chapter From Standards to Threshold Concepts, Knowledge Practices, and Learner Dispositions: Rethinking Formal Information Literacy Instruction in Higher Education in the book, "The Information Literacy Framework: Case Studies of Successful Implementation" published by Rowman and Littlefield.

In Zaragoza, Spain, Tadd Ruetenik, PhD, (Philosophy) presented his paper, "The Many Faces of Globalism: Gloria Anzaldúa and the Herida Abierta of Colonialism" at the annual conference for the International Society for the Study of European Ideas in July. Two articles written by Dr. Ruetenik also were published: "Jonathan Edwards and the Vegan Elect," in the Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory and "Jane Addams, 'Pragmatic' Compromise, and Anti-War Pragmatism" in The Pluralist.

Susa Stonedahl, PhD, (Engineering) chaired a session at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting. Her session on "Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions" covered research she and undergraduate students conducted during SAU's Undergraduate Research Institute, "Investigating Fine Particle Resuspension through Dynamic Flow and Sediment Mobilization Laboratory Experiments." She co-authored two presentations – "Geomorphic and Sedimentological Controls on Hyporheic Flow in an Alpine River" and "Distribution of Microplastics in Streambed Sediments Downstream of a Point Source within a Geomorphically Altered Stream" – and judged student posters.

This fall, Philip Goldfarb Styrt, PhD, (English) wrote three poems that were published as well as an article, "Shakespeare's Henry V, Reformation Resistance Theory, and the Moral Burden of Power" in the Lincoln Humanities Journal. He also presented a paper, "Shakespeare's Double Sicily: Setting in The Winter's Tale and Much Ado About Nothing" at the Annual Convention of the Midwest Modern Language Association in November.

In June, the Journal of Sociology and Welfare (Vol. XLVI No. 2) published an article co-authored by John B. Thompson, PhD, (Social Work), "Back to Addams and Richmond: Was social work really a divided house in the beginning?"

In the journal Critical Criminology, Grant Tietjen, PhD, (Criminal Justice) wrote for its March issue "Convict Criminology: Learning from the Past, Confronting the Present, Expanding for the Future." (Dr. Tietjen's submission for Spring 2019 was inadvertently omitted.)

The Journal of Market Research will publish Liang Zhao's, PhD, (Marketing) article, "Media Coverage of Climate Change and Sustainable Product Consumption: Evidence from the Hybrid Vehicle Market," Journal of Marketing Research (December 2019).


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