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Bailie Baker

Academic Excellence Is My Ambrosian Value

Master of Early Childhood Education (MECE), Class of 2017

"The MECE program challenged my thinking, pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and taught me the importance of having a strong voice in the field of early childhood education. How I teach and collaborate with other professionals has greatly changed since being part of the MECE program."

Bailie became a stronger educator in our program, which allowed her to successfully manage coursework while working full-time; learn from dedicated, experienced professors and cohort peers; and provide an education directly connected to the classroom. At SAU, we offer a comprehensive and encompassing MECE program, so you can have a deeper impact on the lives of early learners.

Current position:

General education/special education preschool teacher for the Pleasant Valley (Iowa) School District.

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Why SAU?

Challenging, dedicated faculty

Bailie has a real passion for teaching early learners and wanted to build on her undergraduate degree. "I knew the MECE program would challenge and grow my teaching skill set. The program has knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated faculty members who challenge each cohort member to take their skills and knowledge to the next level," she says. Our faculty has deep expertise and experience in special education, early intervention, and teaching in inclusive classrooms. And you can research and study inquiry-based learning at our NAEYC accredited Children's Campus. Your education prepares you to work with children of all abilities – no matter the setting.

Children's Campus

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How did the program's format fit your life?

While earning her MECE, Bailie taught full-time and planned a wedding during her second year of classes. "Though I had many responsibilities in my life, I never once felt that I was unable to complete my coursework or manage my other responsibilities. The framework of the MECE program focuses on one course at a time, with the online class occurring one evening per week which helped support other my life responsibilities," she says. At SAU, you complete 12 courses over two years, and the majority are offered online in a synchronous format.

Learn about the MECE program

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How did your cohort enhance your education?

"With a majority of the classes taking place online, it was wonderful to be able to communicate and collaborate with my cohort members through email, text, and video chat. We all had different experiences and job titles, and we were able to learn from one another's perspectives. Two of my cohort members were also my coworkers, and that also gave us an opportunity to take what we were learning and apply it to our preschool program."

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Why Choose the MECE Program?

Encompassing Education

Our MECE program focuses on using reflective practice, research, and leadership skills to impact the education of early learners. Our graduates tell us it is a worthy investment – professionally and personally. "My graduate education supported my growth in how I collaborate with others, as well as stepping outside of my comfort zone. This year, along with my teaching position, I also have a district leadership role that allows me to collaborate with multiple team members and analyze components of our early childhood classroom curriculum."

Master of Early Childhood Education

So, what's next?

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