Ambrosian Day of Service

Service: An Ambrosian Value

The Alumni Association Board and Alumni Engagement Office have expanded this community service event to alumni. Think of it like Bee Happy Hour, but with a focus on service!

Our more recent alumni may remember Bee the Difference Day on campus. This student-run event gathers hundreds of students to do good in the Quad Cities community, especially the neighborhoods closest to campus. 

A Celebration of Service

Ambrosians around the nation will celebrate our collective tradition through teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and the pursuit of justice and peace with a day of service. 

Nationwide Service Days

Dedicated alumni volunteers organize group service projects for their local St. Ambrose communities across the nation. Connect with Ambrosians around the world who are serving their communities by connecting on social media using #SAUDayofService. Email photos of your service projects to the Office of Alumni Engagement at

How to Participate

Want to get involved? Complete this interest form and the Alumni Engagement office will be in touch with you to discuss next steps. If you have any questions, please email Kelsey Pence, Coordinator of Event Engagement

group of SAU alumni

2019 Group Service Projects

See what we did last year!

View photos from this year's group service projects and find others on social media using #SAUDayofService.

Annual Day of Service

2020 Group Service Projects

If you are interested in coordinating a service day in your area, please complete this interest form, and the alumni office will be in contact with you.


Quad Cities

Due to the changing status of the pandemic, the Quad Cities Ambrosian Day of Service has been canceled. 

Join Jen Walker '99 and your local community for the Quad Cities annual service day!

Saturday, November 7, 2020
8 a.m. - 10 a.m. 
Riverbend Foodbank
(4010 Kimmel Dr., Davenport, IA)

Assembly line style activity to put together bags of food for school children within our service area to take home in order to provide them with food for the weekend. The bags of food are discreetly placed in a backpack and sent home with each child on Fridays to sustain them through the weekend. The program is operated with respect for the children's confidentiality. Families are welcome to join. Dress in comfortable clothing, preferably your St. Ambrose gear! Use #SAUDayofService on social media. 

Please register by Wednesday, Oct. 28 to Jen at

River Bend Foodbank, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, collects wholesome donations of food for distribution to more than 300 charitable community organizations that support the hungry in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Hosting an Ambrosian Day of Service

St. Ambrose alumni who live in cities across the nation can volunteer to host a local event for other Ambrosians in their area. Below is a summary of what's involved if you'd like to host a local service event. Detailed online forms will guide you through the steps, and the Office of Alumni Engagement can work with you to help make your event a success.

The Office of Alumni Engagement suggests that you start planning about 8-10 weeks in advance and confirm details 6 weeks prior to the event.

Responsibilities of the Local Planner/Host

• Decide what organization you wish to work with; consider the number of alumni in your geographic area
• Select the appropriate venue and timeframe
• Reserve a spot at a local restaurant for lunch or drinks after the project
• Provide details to the Office of Alumni Engagement
• Collect RSVP's as they come in
• Coordinate logistics locally (reserve the venue, enlist other volunteers)
• Manage the event onsite (check the setup, greet alumni, manage the flow of the service day, clean up at the end of event)
• Provide the Office of Alumni Engagement with a list of attendees after the event

How the Alumni Engagement Office can help

• Provide a list of area alumni (after volunteer has completed a confidentiality agreement)
• Provide advice based on event experience
• Send a formal email invitation (4-6 weeks before the event) and a follow-up reminder (1-2 weeks before the event) to area alumni
• Provide SAU supplies and giveaways (name tags, check-in sheet, etc.)

Next Steps

Communicate your interest in hosting a local Ambrosian Day of Service by completing this interest form, and the Office of Alumni Engagement will guide you through the planning and event management process. 


Kelsey Pence

Alumni Engagement Office
Alumni House: 1527 Brady St.
Mail: 518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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