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The minute you walk across that graduation stage receive your Ambrose diploma, you become a member of our Alumni Association – now more than 28,000 strong.

In partnership with the dedicated Alumni Office staff, the Alumni Association is here to help support and foster relationships amongst our alumni and strengthen the special bond you have with your alma mater. Their work includes welcoming new students to the university, speaking at university commencement events and distributing the coveted alumni pins, and volunteering at alumni events such as Bee Happy Hour, Bix 7 Bee Cool Tent, and the yearly Trivia Night.

The association is guided by a group of dedicated alumni from across the decades who volunteer their time and passions to help us in our efforts to connect you with your alma mater.

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Thomas Mason IV, President

Class of 1991

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration


Mark Brauweiler, Vice President

Class of 2013, 2015

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
Bachelor of Science in Human Performance & Fitness
Doctorate in Physical Therapy

How has St. Ambrose impacted your life? 
St. Ambrose has impacted so much of my life. I got married to a fellow Ambrosian in the chapel, my daughter was baptized at SAU, and many of my best friends went to SAU. St. Ambrose not only readied me for my career as a physical therapist, but it helped me grow socially, spiritually, and emotionally as well.


Alana Carroll, Treasurer

Class of 2005

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting


Chad Driscoll, Secretary

Class of 2008

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts in Management

How has St. Ambrose impacted your life?
St. Ambrose impacted my life in ways that I continue to think about and discover each day. It brought long lasting friendships, amazing leadership opportunities, taught me how to be flexible, giving, compassionate about my community, and ways to support and give back. These are all reasons why I serve on the Alumni Association Board. I love to talk about St. Ambrose, my experience there, and I share it weekly, if not daily, with family, friends, co-workers and anyone who will listen. Go Bees!

2020-2021 Alumni Association Board Members

Phil Cervantes, Class of 1990

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications

Why do you serve as an Alumni Board Member? In order to give back to a University that has provide me with an outstanding educational experience.

Steve Conrad, Class of 1975

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Why do you serve as an Alumni Board Member? Up until 12 years ago, I didn't even know there was an Alumni Association or board. That year, the Alumni Engagement Office put together the first SAU RAGBRAI team. After riding with the team for a couple of years, I decided that by being on the board I could help spread the word about the Alumni Association and in a small way give back to the university.

Madeline Grothus, Class of 2008, 2011

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Jill McNamara, Class of 1992, 2003, 2004

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Accounting
Master of Business Administration

Miranda Nelp, Class of 2005

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Strategic Communication
How has St. Ambrose impacted your life? There were so many positive impacts, the impacts cover everything from personal to professional from spiritual to mental and physical. I think the overall impacts were life changing over all four years.

Abby Paulson, Class of 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication

Doug Platt, Class of 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Network Administration and Investigation

Lori Rochholz, Class of 1993

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Tom Roederer, Class of 1974

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Kemper Rusteberg, Class of 2014

Bachelor of Arts in International Business

Eva Schmid, Class of 2010, 2011

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and Strategic Communication
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

How has St. Ambrose impacted your life? St. Ambrose had a significant impact on my life both personally and professionally. During my time at Ambrose I established many lifelong friendships both with peers and professors. The professors I met through earning my degree played a major role on shaping my career path and ultimately provided the knowledge I needed to get where I am today as an entrepreneur.

Katie Schroeder, Class of 2002, 2005

Bachelor of Arts in Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

John Stender-Custer, Class of 2000

Bachelor of Arts in History and Theology

How has St. Ambrose impacted your life? St. Ambrose has had a big impact on so many aspects of my life. My civic life, my professional life, and even my family life can all be traced back to SAU. I majored in History and Theology, spent two years as an undergrad seminarian, four years as a Campus Ministry work study student, and was actively involved with Ambrosians for Peace and Justice.

These days, I'm a stay-at-home dad. I am thankful that my St. Ambrose liberal arts education has given me the critical thinking skills that it takes to negotiate with strong-willed and intelligent toddler twins!

Jennifer Walker, Class of 1999

Bachelor of Science in Biology

How has St. Ambrose impacted your life? St. Ambrose was my family away from home for four years. Just like a traditional family, I care about the current and long-term success of the university. If I can offer assistance in shaping what that means, or executing our mission, I will step up and help! The Alumni Association is a perfect vehicle to keep dedicated family members (alumni) informed, engaged, and spreading family love!

Joe Walton, Class of 1950

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Why do you serve as an Alumni Board Member? Consistent with its Mission and Vision, and within the context Christian values, St. Ambrose University gave me an exceptional opportunity to acquire skills and experience that are the perquisites to a truly happy, productive personal life, and enriching the lives of others. This inspired a duty to pay back the University for the extraordinary life-time benefits it afforded to me. Chiefly, this pay-back is manifested in support for students in need of financial assistance to benefit from the opportunities that St. Ambrose University provided to me.

Kyle Wehr, Class of 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Management


Wendy Pondell, Director

Alumni Engagement Office
Alumni House: 1527 Brady St.
Mail: 518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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