Transfer Housing Contract

Complete the 2019-2020 Transfer Student Housing Contract (for spring 2020 students)

Complete the 2020-2021 Transfer Student Housing Contract (for fall 2020 and spring 2021 students)

These contracts are for new transfer students (not first-year students) who have been admitted to St. Ambrose University. Use a non-mobile/desktop device to complete this contract.Once you have completed the application on the secure server, you will need to pay the $250 deposit by credit card or check (using your routing and checking account numbers). If you'd like to request a roommate, please complete this form.

Transfer Student Housing Assignment

Transfer students are assigned housing based on the date Residence Life receives the contracts. The exception is if/when current returning SAU students "pull in" a transfer student to join their housing group at the time of the returning student housing process.

In this exception, the returning student group must communicate their desires and plans for the fall term with Residence Life by March 1 to provide ample time to verify the transfer student is admitted, has a housing contract and deposit on file, and to provide time to review the transcript.

Once the Registrar has reviewed the transcript, Residence Life will award the priority points and credit hours for the transfer student to join a group with her/his priority points and credit hours.


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Admissions Office

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