Dedicated Faculty

They Make All the Difference

A professor is an educator, but at St. Ambrose, our professors are so much more.

We believe education is strengthened when it is taught by people you know – and who know you – as a person. By someone who supports your goals and pushes you to go further, so you discover and act on your unlimited potential.

This happens at St. Ambrose.

Our students are drawn to our small classes, one-on-one attention, and the priority placed on their education by the educator that stands before them, and walks with them, throughout their undergraduate career.




When surveyed by The Princeton Review, our students overwhelmingly stated that SAU instructors are good teachers.

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Our Brainy Bees

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The SAU Honors Program is a select, tight-knit community of eager learners with a keen desire to be pushed intellectually.

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Your Learning and Success Are Top Priorities

Our faculty have years of experience in their fields and a deep passion for what they teach.

By providing an education that supersedes the classroom, you'll be ready to tackle issues and contribute solutions.

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Choose from More Than 60 Majors

At St. Ambrose, your education ties into exploration.

By offering programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels, students can dive into their academic goals or discover their real passion. At whatever point you uncover the spark that lights your future, we will help you achieve your vision.

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Take the Lead

Your St. Ambrose academic experience is more than textbooks, a syllabus, and course catalogs. At its heart is our dedicated faculty who want to see you succeed in your profession – and in life.

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Inspired by Science Professor as a Kid

Allie Daniels '17 was in fourth grade when she discovered her passion for chemistry and was inspired by Dr. Andrew Axup at an SAU summer camp.

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